HSK Apprentice

HSK Apprentice

Learning Mandarin can be fun!

Whether you're a sinophile (lover of all things Chinese), interested in doing business in the world's number one super power, or learning Mandarin for business in your native country, check out HSK Apprentice. With 16 games covering writing, pronunciation, translation and grammar employ, you'll be able to ace the test all while having fun. Developed by linguists and Mandarin speakers, we guarantee the most time efficient Mandarin apprenticeship experience.

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Easily log in and log out with Google Play© Games. Earn up to 85,000 experience points, 18 medals and compete across the world.

Writing, Pronunciation, Translation and Employ

Cover all the bases of language learning with HSK Apprentice. Created by linguists who love Chinese to make sure you learn in the most effective way.

Multiple choice, Word search, Crossword, Unjumble, Fill-the-gap, Memory Game and more

There are more than 16 games to amuse you for hours on end - you'll never get bored.

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Subscribe to our Facebook© Page to get your daily dose of Mandarin when you're scrolling your timeline. Each day get a Word of the Day and a Hanzi of the Day.


Timed games to compete against the world

Play a timed game in Hanzi to Pinyin and Tone Choice in hanzi and lexicon to see how many you can get correct in two minutes and compare your scores with all other players.

Master hanzi, lexicon and grammar

With HSK Apprentice, all linguistic angles are met and are at your disposal.

Simplified & Traditional

No matter your needs, you can learn simplified, traditional or both writing types.

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Free version of the app includes advertisements but all games. Paid version costs AU$2.99.
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